Tu le Diste al suiche! en Club Fonograma.

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Please, allow us to remind you that Pernett is one of today’s most intriguing and creative personas in Tropical music. The Colombian musician is way more than your average ‘Latin Fusion Exotic’ act (you know, the kind that European festivals love), this guy has a dynamic scope of making anything he touches into something truly special. This time, he surprises us with a killing ‘cumbiambero’ remix to another master with an afro, our father Tego Calderón. “Tu le diste al switche” is a rare unreleased track by Tego; actually, it’s a demo that leaked prior to The Underdog/El Subestimado and never made it into the album. The catchy song is actually a tiraera to Hector “El Father”, who is now devoted Christian rapper, “pide la bendicion que llego tu papa.” Tego has spent almost four years cooking his next album, which won’t come out until 2011. Last time we spoke to him he told us he was listening to Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, and claims to be Lido Pimienta’s adoptive father, we couldn’t be more excited.

Acerca de Pernett

Pernett "The cutting edge of ancestral rhythms" Pernett is globally recognized by mix traditional rythms with futuristic sounds, his creativity don’t have limits, like his music. with a long career of more than 15 years, is the pioneer of a big list of a new wave of colombian musicians who mix the traditional flavor of the colombian music with foreign danceable music, like house, techno, drum and bass or dancehall, making a explosive mix for the enjoyment of all kind of publics.

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  1. la cumbia lo arregla, mejora, compone absolutamente todo

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