Pernett y su Caribbean Computer por Tropicalbass.

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Pernett- The Caribbean Computer

Posted on 10 October 2012 by 

Known as one of the most influential Cumbia Masters, Pernett is back with a whole new ALBUM, including featuring with Fauna, Andrea (Aterciopelados), Jacobo Velez ( Mojarra Electrica).

The album shows how great Pernett is in terms of the exploration of the genre.
El Camino De La Percepción (feat. Cristian Fauna & Un Mono Azul). by Pernett

Without ANY doubt, this song is simply a World music Jewel!!
Andrea Echeverri, displays her amazing vocal range, and the cumbia beats blended with the sax gives a majestic vibe to the track!! A real jewel!
Circulos (feat. Andrea Echeverri) by Pernett

The analog beats and organic sounds get together with this fast tempo track featuring Jacobo!!
La Energía Que Estalla (Feat. Jacobo Velez) by Pernett

BUY THE WHOLE THING!! totally worth!!!

Acerca de Pernett

Pernett "The cutting edge of ancestral rhythms" Pernett is globally recognized by mix traditional rythms with futuristic sounds, his creativity don’t have limits, like his music. with a long career of more than 15 years, is the pioneer of a big list of a new wave of colombian musicians who mix the traditional flavor of the colombian music with foreign danceable music, like house, techno, drum and bass or dancehall, making a explosive mix for the enjoyment of all kind of publics.

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