“Magician of the galactic cumbia. Pernett is a synonym for party, folklore, cumbia,

tambó, gaita, maracas, guache and tradition. In an apparently contradictory manner,

he is also a synonym for an advanced vanguard of experimental fusion.”

These both aspects of Pernett’s music will be coming soon to the USA in March! This prolific Colomban artist has toured the USA before with Sidestepper and now will promote his personal project here for the first time. Pernett will be present, in different formats, at the WMC and SXSW 2011

After shaking the ELECTROPICO events at WMC Miami 2011 with his solo live act, Pernett arrives in Austin Texas to meet his band at SXSW where he will perform in full format. They will participate in two important showcases that will show the roots of Pernett’s music live!! On Thursday March 17 at Sounds from Colombia and the on March 19 at the Copa.

SXSW will be an important moment to show the whole group in action and expose his sound to a worldwide audience.


Jessica Bueno

+ 1 786 4490407

+ 57 315 4036133

skype: jebuke1

Acerca de Pernett

El Poder de La Fusión

Publicado el 15/03/2011 en america, baile, caribe, colombia, cumbia, electronica, folclor, latina, Música, Music, sur, SXSW. Añade a favoritos el enlace permanente. 2 comentarios.

  1. jhon meneses

    me encanta …el concepto y la propuesta de pernett …!!! felicitaciones .


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